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Bagamoyo is a town located about 60km north of Dar es Salaam rich in culture and history.The town was one of the most important trading centers in East Africa coast during the 18th and 19th centuries. The history of Bagamoyo has been influenced by Indian and Arab traders, German colonial government and Christian missionaries. . About 5 km south of Bagamoyo Kaole Ruins with remnants of two mosques and a couple of tombs can be dated back to the 13th century This shows the importance of Islam in those early times in Bagamoyo. Until mid 18th century the town was small and insignificant trading center where most of the population were fishermen and farmers, trading fish, salt, and gum, among other things.

In18th century a Muslim family settled in Bagamoyo, they were all relatives of Shamvi la Magimba in Oman. Made their living by taking taxes on the local people gathered from the Nunge coast north of Bagamoyo and the 19th century, Bagamoyo became a trading port of ivory and slave trade. Traders coming from African interior as far as Morogoro, Lake Tanganyika and Usambara on their way to Zanzibar. The Town of Bagamoyo was not only a trade centre for ivory and copra; it was also a starting point for renowned European explorers. It was from here they moved out to find the source of Nile and explored the African inland lakes. David Livingstone, Richard Francis Burton, John Hanning Speke, Henry Morton Stanley and James Augustus Grant. all of them left their foot print in Bagamoyo. Today Bagamoyo has become one of the tourists attractions on the Tanzania cost that includes Amboni caves in Tanga with a nearby newly opened Saadani National park. Please CONTACT US for more details and information about this ancient town.

Bagamoyo slave market