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Isimila Stone Age Site is an important archaeological site situated at about 20 kilometers from the town of Iringa, along the road to Mbeya, on a large plateau dominated by charming granite rock relieves. The site preserves important evidences of our ancestors’ activities dating back to over 60,000 ago, groups of nomadic hunters-collectors who used to go to the shores of an ancient and small lake which no longer exists. In the deposits of Isimila central valley there are several lithic tools, often associated to rests of big wild Mammals, especially hippos, the usual preys of Paleolithic hunters. Isimila archaeological area also includes an interesting geosite consisting of a deep canyon characterized by imposing pinnacles and erosion towers creating an environment of extraordinary charm. The site can be easily reached from the town of Iringa, where you can spend the night in various kinds of hotels and eat in the several town restaurants.

In 1957 and 1958 at the Isimila prehistoric site, in Tanzania1, sampled Acheulian occurrences in horizons at various levels in the Isimila Beds which are approximately 18 m thick. No significant breaks were observed in the sedimentary sequence, although there are numerous local hiatuses.

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