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Tanzania is a land stunning beauty a kaleidoscope of nature wildlife and people. Comprising superlatives land features such as Kilimanjaro the roof of Africa and The Ngorongoro Crater one of the seventh wonders of the world. A patterned cultural diverse of about 128 distinct ethnic groups, that lives together in peace coexisting under one country and one language. was also home to Man’s first steps on Earth, our national history subsequently defined by pre-historic settlements, medieval city-states, colonial exploration and peaceful independence. You can call it African Eden of natural riches and cultural wealth. The country inspired Hemingway and Livingstone and proudly given the word ‘safari’ to the global travel vocabulary. It is through this patterns of nature, land scape, people and its wildlife that makes the country one of the best in east and southern Africa as Safari destinations. At HTT Travel, having obtained a wealth of Experience from many years back in service. We now have every reason to plan, arrange and host your African safari of a life time……….CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TAILOR-MADE ITINERARIES