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Zanzibar Cultural Tour

During the cultural Tour you will be visiting groups and artists at their Economic and social activities – fishing, farming, hunting, mat and pot making, weaving, firewood
Fetching and visiting traditional fishing villages, experiencing the local boat making, cooking and eating.
You may if you prefer to stay with the accommodation owned and run by these groups and so indirectly Support them.

Zanzibar Spice Tour
Take herbalist tour to visit local herb, medicinal, cosmetic, tropical spices, and flowers And so on producing areas. Depending on the season, you may taste some of the tropical fruits, spices and Apply some of the cosmetic and medicines e.g. Henna (natural lipstick). The experience you get from the tour can be related to the traditional costumes of the resident of Zanzibar, or the ingredients of the local cuisine in the restaurants.

Zanzibar City Tour

The Stone town tour takes around the historical culture and architectural important town of Zanzibar with a century history. It includes a visit to former slave market site, now stands as Anglican Church built in 1871, town market, Visit the Zanzibar Memorial Museum, House of Wonder built in 1883 (Beit-AL-Ajab), old Arab Fort, Palace Museum, Old Indian Dispensary (Cultural Centre) to Maruhubi Palace ruins via Living Stone House.

Zanzibar Dolphin watching tour

A full day trip to Kizimkazi, wonderful you may swim with hundreds of spinner & bottle-nose dolphins playing off Kizimkazi beach & give you chance to experience special natural massage in the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar Prison Island tour

Sail of the Stone Town to the home of giant tortoises. Flanged by an amazing beach of reef santuary, the Island is ideal for swimming, Snorkelling and beach relaxation.

Jozani Forest Tour
A trip to Jozani forest for red Colobus Monkeys, natural forest, and mangrove forest and the living species of fish underneath.
Visit Zala Park to learn on how local people become creative to protect the natural living reptiles.

Zanzibar Slave Route Tours
This will give you an extra ordinary experiences tour of the past interpreted in the modern world by observing the Slave routes. Take a slave tour to witness the former most brutal trade on earth.

Zanzibar North / East Coast Beach Tour
A day trip to one of the beaches lying at East coast, you will enjoy sunbathing on white and unspoilt sandy beaches, snorkel around coral reef or swimming. At North you will have the opportunity to admiration of the traditional dhow making.

Zanzibar Dhow Cruise and Small Island Adventures

A dhow is a traditional wooden sailing boat. Some have inboard or outboard engines for safety should the wind drop. Cruising around the small islands, Bawe Grave Island and Changuu, (Prison Island) Grave on a dhow is a fantastic and memorable experience. The sunsets viewed from the dhow are evocative and timeless.